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Want to learn how not to write code? We rip apart broken UTF-8 logic from the OpenBSD codebase. It's not pretty.
Unimpressed by /dev/null and /dev/zero? Let's see how to code some new memory special devices.
CDs go in and out, and tapes unload. But what exactly does the eject command do to a humble USB flash drive?
Learn how to add new ioctls to the wscons code to implement a screenshot facility on the OpenBSD console.
More BSD hacking - the console emulation code gets tweaked to be more compatible with the terminfo entry for xterm.
From individuals to enterprise, you should all be backing up your data. Are you? Jay has some advice.
Blu-ray recordable discs and DVD-RAM on OpenBSD? Crystal Kolipe shows us how!
Jay shows us another way to relay mail from a VM to our LAN using pure SMTP and without a static IP.
Skeptical about our neat bit of hand-coded assembler? It really is faster, and we're happy to prove it!
Crystal Kolipe resizes her softraid volume using a hex editor, and fixes a kernel bug in the process.
Adding a blue-filtered night mode, green-screen simulator, dim attribute, and more to the OpenBSD framebuffer console.
No third-party libraries.
No object orientation.
Learn some real old-school procedural programming in C.
Breaking all the rules and throwing caution to the wind, Jay builds ports, edits kernel source, demystifies disklabels, and more!
Jay shows us how to relay mail from a VM to our LAN using pure SMTP and without a static IP.
Bored with your X86 workstation but unsure where to start with the alternatives? Jay installs OpenBSD on the RockPI-4a.
Crystal has fun installing OpenBSD 7.0 on the Pinephone.
Our resident Crystal Kolipe checks out the Pinephone, with mixed results.
Finding obscure bugs in widely used software that other people miss. It's part of our daily routine.
Know your way around assembler, but confused by crypto? Have it explained in your language.
Learn how to develop beautiful and functional webpages like the ones you're looking at right now.
Tweaking software to suit our needs. See our changes here before we submit them upstream!
Usage and features of our website explained. Settings you can customise. Get the most out of exoticsilicon.com!